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” Rising Newcomer in New York Democratic Primary – June 26, 2018 “


          New York delivered a ‘first’  with the history making election primary in its 14th District today.

          28 year old Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez  defeated the 10 term giant Joe Crowley, 56, in New York’s 14th District Democratic Primary.  Oscasio-Cortez secured 57% votes, a good margin.

          Joe Crowley :  56 year old Joseph Crowley has been in Congress since 1999.  He is the No. 4 Democrat.  A stalwart progressive on most issues.   Has close ties to Wall Street.  Widely expected to be the party’s next House Leader.

          Alexandria  Oscasio-Cortez :  28  year old Oscasio-Cortez born to working class parents in Bronx.  Mother is Puerto-Rican.  Father from Bronx.  Oscasio-Cortez has been former staffer  to the late Sen Ted Kennedy. She has also been a former Bernie Sanders volunteer.  

          Oscasio-Cortez ran on  Medicare for all;   a  federal job guarantee;   getting tough on Wall Street;   gun control;   ending private prisons;  abolishing ICE;   and investment in post hurricane  Puerto Rico. These were the premises and promises on which she fought stubbornly.

          Many will be positively surprised though the magnitude of victory cannot be termed as a complete sweep.    

          But  it certainly sends a scathing message to the Democratic Party that there could be changes in November 2018.

          First, It shows newcomers, political neophytes, can win.

          Second, it is a sign of a new Democratic Party unfolding, with fresh and more aggressive definition of a democrat;  and

          Third,  it is a reflection upon the performance of the party and it’s strategy as an opposition.

          Does it signify ‘loss of confidence’ in the present leadership of the party ?

          It should be noted that these elections are fought without much support from party organisation, hence the viability of candidates is the single factor that plays a significant role. These primary elections are also not fought on the premise that candidates in contest should possess charisma or popularity, even if they contribute to an extent. That the candidates need not have to transmit his/her popularity puts the contest itself to be one without any insurmountable obstacles.

          The election, nevertheless, points to some corrections :

          –  whether the party is on the right track now with its strategies of the last 18 months as opposition;

          –  whether the party does not need career politicians;   and

          –  whether the party needs to be more concerned about the next generation instead of just the next election.

          This election may well be an indication of a new electoral movement on the part of the Democratic Party should similar results show up in other places too.

          Have the voters got it right will be known on November 6,  2018.   But this election will certainly have a public debate in New York that will last till after November 6.


     ” Dieu avec nous “

     Wednesday,  June  27,  2018  –  10.09 a.m. (IST)

     Tidbit :. ” Changing Strategy management is key to overcome obstacles “.


“President Donald Trump at 72 – June 14, 2018.


“Aiming to secure the nation from aggressors who intrude;

Aiming to preserve and strengthen the safety and security of citizens;

Aiming to extract fair share of contributions from associates;

Aiming to promote rapid modernisation of military and economy.”


” Bridging the differences between North and South Korea;

Bridging the differences between North Korea and Western world;

Bridging the differences between the secluded and the open, transparent;

Bridging the differences between the warmonger and peacelover.”


“Credit for the good times to live beyond conflict and confrontation;

Credit for all things to bring peace and prosperity;

Credit for pursuing a stay awake plan and not a stay away plan;

Credit for making the economy registering a song;”


“Defending your brothers, sons, daughters, grandchildren – American citizens;

Defending nation from without, with clear security from within;

Defending with your guns without destroying self from tax;

Defending to shake the citizens’  souls for glory to emerge;”


“Economy and not extravaganza, his mantra;

Economy stable with spending prudent;

Economy with thinking of future and where citizens could be;

Economy strong even at the middle of one’s wallet.”


” Dieu  avec  nous “

Thursday,  June  14,  2018  –  12.29 a.m. (IST)

Tidbit :  ” Successful man with seven senses – touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing, horse, and common”.






” Donald Trump – Kim Jong Un Summit Meeting; _ June 12, 2018 – Excitement Ever High, Expectations Ever Low ” – June 12, 2018.


            What must have been felt belonging to dreams only by anyone, big or small, has happened and become ‘real’.

            President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un met with smiles, handshakes, and pleasant sense of touch and feel, at 9 a.m. (Singapore local time) this morning.

            North Korea, known to report events usually days after they happen, has been relaying at home the minute to minute events of its leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore; his landing, his stay in hotel, his side show – a night stroll in Singapore  …  …  … in almost realtime that expresses the CONFIDENCE that this leader and his people have on this meet.  Has Kim Jong Un won even before the first ball has been bowled?

            Adoption of new technologies in Society takes time;  but we also see and experience the time getting reduced/constricted with every new new technology.

Electricity took a little more than 50 years;

Cellphones took little more than 10 years;

Smartphones took little more than 5years;

Electric vehicles took more than 2 years;

            Diplomacy tech (U.S.A. and North Korea) took just 4 months to get adopted – if the summit is a success – if any statement, communique, or declaration gets released formally soon will be any indication of a successful meeting between two leaders known for their ‘unpredictable stance’  on issues.

            It is learnt just now  (before the working lunch and after their one-on-one meet for 48 minutes) that President Donald Trump said : “We will be successful;  We will co-operate;  Summit going very very good”.  Kim Jong Un said  :  “A prelude to Peace”.


          Here I present a ‘management framework’ for Summit Commitment when released. Figure below represents the framework :


1.   Mission  :  World Peace Overall.

2.    Goal       :   Peace,  Security, Nuclear Disarmament,  Economic growth,  Modernisation.

3.     Objectives  :   For Donald Trump these lie in Complete abandonment of North Korea’s nuclear program;  (CVID);   For Kim Jong Un these lie in Parity with big nations;  North Korea’s economic growth;  Modernisation of North Korea.

4.     Policies   :     For Donald Trump it is “Safe America,  Safe North Korea, and Safe World”.   For Kim Jong Un it is “Safe North Korea, Safety of self/his rule, Safety of his people”.

5.     Program.  :  One-on-one meet;  followed by meeting between delegations of U.S.A.  and   North Korea.

6.     Direction   :   Understanding one another well;  build strong relationships;  continue peace discussions; formulate action plans with specific timelines;  exchange information and make them transparent.

7.     Control.   :    A team to oversee progress on actions from the two nations;  Recognise South Korea’s lead role in fructification of the Historic  Summit;   Identify a significant role for South Korea in all future participation following the Summit;  Garner enough support from countries of the World for the action plans conceived after the summit meeting.



            ” A commitment to the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula in exchange for security of Kim Jong Un’s  regime” – is finally the signed document.  President Donald Trump declares a new era of relationship between the two nations.

            For common observers like us it appears that this meeting is probably the beginning of a new beginning;  no specific details either in terms of what denuclearisation really means;  but perhaps just a step in the direction of a humongous task likely to last for years or even decades with degrees of uncertainty looming large over how long either of the two can sustain the written commitment in letter and spirit.

         In conclusion,  Is this something that has not been accomplished ever by any President as opined in some circles?   Whether this meeting will mould the future?   Only time can tell. 

          For now this is an authentic event of more than just common interest, nevertheless, I feel.


     ” Dieu  avec  nous “

      Tuesday,  June 12, 2018  –  9.59 a.m. (IST)

      Tidbit   :   “The hard work will come after the Summit Meeting”.  Donald  Trump.




” Donald Trump – Kim Jong Un Summit Meeting, June 12, – Count not the Chickens before they are Hatched ” June 8, 2018.


          Amidst the public knowledge affording strong and conclusive evidence of the fact that North Korea has a history of not abiding by the promises made anytime before,  the much anticipated Summit Meeting that was cancelled on May 24, 2018, but revived  8  days later,  will now be held in Singapore on June 12, 2018  at  9 a.m. (local time).

          The Summit Meeting will be held in Sentosa’s  Capella Hotel.

          Reactions and speculations from planners, administrators, media, and analysts still remain wavering.

          President Donald Trump’s inner voice seems to be warning him of ‘no major breakthroughs’ out of the Summit.

          The sticking point, no doubt, is the CVID  condition ( Complete, Verifiable, Irreversible, Disarmament of North Korea’s nuclear program/Arsenals).

          U.S.A.,  South Korea,  Japan,  Canada,  Britain,  Australia,  and  France hold a coordinated submission  i.e.  (CVID).

          North Korea is not expected to call a halt to its nuclear ambitions.  Also,  having already caught his hare in terms of legitimacy from President Donald Trump’s acceptance to share the discussion table in Singapore,  Kim Jong Un holds his head firmly on his shoulders to seek more concessions from the U.S.A.,  even as Donald Trump is harping on the one string,  i.e.  CVD.

          South Korea is optimistic.  South Koreans in Singapore hope that the meet will be a “security breakthrough”  on Korean Peninsula.  Japan is concerned about the abductions;  breach of airspace and associated threats.

          The outcome of the Summit, in a sense,  may well depend upon whether U.S.A.,  South Korea, and Japan stand together or not.

          Figure  1.  below depicts the elements of success and failure of the Summit Meeting in the form of a flowchart.

          Figures 2 –  4  below suggest a simplistic representation of an Artificial Intelligence application to the diplomatic Summit Meeting. Figure 2 deals with the  ‘Severity’  of the tests;  Figure 3 deals with the ‘Impact’ ;  and. Figure 4  deals with the ‘ Social Perception’.






          President Donald Trump has set his heart on a positive outcome from the Summit Meeting.  A legacy achievement;  enhanced national image;  and the likely better performance in the mid term elections (November 6, 2018),  notwithstanding,  should the meet fail, it can spell serious trouble with even unpleasant consequences of staining his  reputation furthermore.

          Path to normalisation,  and future (even if prolonged) discussions on relationships may well be the crux of a “joint statement” at the end of the Summit Meeting. This may well be in order given the frequent internal and external uncertainties that shrouded the meet since February 2018.

          Will two unpredictable leaders signalling a change in the attitude at the end of the Summit Meeting (this may be the real outcome finally) constitute a great feat is what observers cogitate now.


     ” Dieu  avec  nous “

     Friday,  June  8,  2018   –    6. 39 p.m. (IST).

     Tidbit  :   ” Make a Spoon or Spoil a Horn ?”


” Donald Trump – Kim Jong Un , Summit Meeting, June 12, 2018 ” _ May 29, 2018.



          Events relating to the Korean Peninsula are shaping at a rate of knots signalling a potential breakthrough in partnerships and relationships between nation(s)  that has been harbouring overbearing and insolent ambition(s) to paint itself as the most powerful of all nations (North Korea); and those terrified and fearstricken with a sense of uncertainty/unpredictability to the consequences in the near term and long term.

          North Korean participation in the Winter Olympics in February 2018, however, set the tone for easing tensions in the region.

          After months of treating insults and nuclear threats with North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un,  U.S.  President, Donald Trump, agreed in early March to a proposed summit sometime later. At that time it was speculated that the summit will likely be cancelled once or twice before actually taking place.

          White House confirmed on March 8, 2018, .the proposed meeting between leaders of North Korea and   U.S.  

          President Donald Trump tweeted on May 10, 2018,  ” the highly anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself will take place in Singapore on June12th. We’ll both try to make it  a very special moment for World Peace !” 

           An InterKorean summit took place on April 27,  2018,  in Panmunjom (North Korea) where South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, and North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un,  agreed to end the Korean War before the end of the year.

         On May 8, President Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal. There have been views expressed for and against this influencing the process of the June 12,  summit meeting.

          On May 9, 2018,  U.S.  Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, returned with three captive Americans from North Korea;  and Donald Trump thanked Kim Jong Un saying he strongly believes that Kim wants to reach an agreement on denuclearising the Korean Peninsula. “We are starting off on a new footing. This is a wonderful thing that he released the folks early”, said Donald Trump. He also believed that Kim wanted to bring North Korea into the real World; and had high hopes for their planned meeting which would be the first between a serving U.S. President and a North Korean leader. ” My proudest achievement will be – this is part of it – when we denuclearise the entire Peninsula”,  Donald Trump averred.

  • North Korean nuclear site in Punggye-ri demolished on May 24.

           On May 24,  2018,  North Korea discarded the Punggye-ri nuclear site ensuring transparency of the suspension of nuclear tests. Media from U.K.;  Russia;  China;  and U.S. were invited to the ceremony of demolition of the nuclear site. But  8  South Korean journalists were excluded in protest against an exercise that South Korea engaged in with the U.S. military. On May 15, 2018, North Korea cited this violation and threatened to cut off the Summit. North Korea felt that its closing the Punggye-ri site was a positive move ahead of the Summit and the military exercise jeopardised that gesture. North Korea added that, “sabre rattling and dialogue cannot go together”. North Korea also boasted about its nuclear strength.

           U.S.  officially backed out of the Summit on May 24, 2018,  citing the tremendous anger and open hostility, and North Korea’s self boasting of nuclear strength to the detriment of other nations’  safety. “World is losing a great opportunity for peace”,  said Donald Trump.

           Within a day, (on May 25, 2018),  President Donald Trump reversed course while saying that he still kept the Summit options open, a change influenced possibly by the conciliatory tone of North Korean leader that the Summit objective of peace is important.


Meeting between Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong Un on May 26.

           On May 26, 2018,  there was a surprise meeting between South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, and North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, during which they agreed that the North Korea – U.S.  Summit must be held.

          Sung Kim,  former U.S.  ambassador to South Korea, is leading an American delegation (with Pentagon official, Randall Schriver;  and the Korean expert on the White House National Security Council, Allison Hooker) to meet with Choe Son-hui, the North Korean Vice Foreign Minister (May 28 & 29) at Tongilgek, North’s building in Ponmanjum, where the truce suspending the 1950-1953 Korean War was signed.

           About 30 staffers led by Joe Hagin, Deputy White House Chief of Staff, from both the White House and the State Department will meet with Korean counterparts to make preparations for the Summit in Singapore – said White House Press secretary, Sarah Sanders on May 26, 2018.

           Why and what the Summit for ?   U.S. demands complete, verifiable, and irreversible dismantlement of North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program. Pyongyang rejected unilateral disarmament and has always talked in terms of denuclearising of the Korean Peninsula. That is that Washington should remove its troops from South Korea, and withdraw its so called nuclear umbrella of deterrence from South Korea and Japan.

           Kim Jong Un  has not offered anything significant on denuclearising or any other concessions for U.S. to finally agree to the Summit.

           White House officials feel that the success of the Summit could prop up Trump’s approval ratings;  place him at a highly respected level;  shield him against ongoing investigations;  and help Republicans in their mid term elections.

           Summit meeting and fulfillment of its goals are a long process (in terms of years, Iran deal negotiations took more than 2 years). This meeting may well be like the conference attendees leaving with more information;  little more networking;  little more confidence;  with lots more effort to be made thereafter independently and jointly than when they took part in the first meet. This probably at best can be called ‘update’ and green signal to proceed with talks and techniques learnt in the meet/conference.

           Will this be (if and when held) a less than purposeful summit?  Both parties would not like to lose their hold and say in the Summit discussions. This is also not any annual event unlike in business, but one with capacity to extend for years into the future. Both stand to benefit by the deal. Three key aspects need mention here.

          1.   “One  Vision ” :  Both parties have their vision set clearly. For the U.S. it is complete denuclearisation of North Korea so that threat to the U.S. as well as the World at large are kept at bay. For DPRK it is extracting enough concessions from the U.S. and others (Other trade partners in the years ahead) to grow and strengthen North Korean economy;  strength in key growth sectors;  and increasing the living standards of its citizens even while preserving its military strength nationally.

          2.   ” One Nation”  :   Both parties have their key national goals to meet. For the U.S. it is ensuring safety and security of its citizens, besides the personal success of the President conferring, (a) a legacy achievement;  (b) enhanced image with higher approval ratings;  and (c)  help the party in mid term elections. For DPRK the benefits are similar. The meet will spell for Kim Jong Un (a) an accomplishment that the nation can be proud of;  (b)  enhanced image nationally;  and (c,)  help promote North Korea’s growth trajectory.

          3.   What will be more significant is that the entire world is paying attention to the Summit and it’s outcome; and what opinions they will hold;  and what they will say when asked about post-summit priorities;  action plan for going forward;  the possible obstacles that can emerge and how they can be tackled;  possible nature of integration and cooperation between countries accelerating the Summit plan;  the central theme and focus of a safe future for the common good of the two nations and the world.

           Just about 4 to 6 months ago, the entire world was angered, concerned, and shocked at the rhetorics coming from the Presidents of the two nations (following a succession of missile and nuclear tests by DPRK), the people all over the world were losing faith in peace and security – a setting that I’m tempted to compare with the financial disaster of 2008 and its impact,  when investors had to face the words of greedy managers breaking their promises;  the problems that investors had to face to recover their wealth;  and the turmoil that followed in relationships, personal and social. The net result was a loss of confidence;  a trend that suspects the assertions and promises of leaders/managers;  and ultimately leading to fear psychosis. The psychological impact was much worse than the financial loss.

          Shaking up things as regulations;  oversight;  and punishment to the erring helped restore people confidence, and bring back growth to normal. The two leaders, President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un face a task which is similar but with dangerous consequences.

          Turnaround in Politics is not as simple as in business, requiring time, effort, and resources not just in huge measure but crossing unimagined hurdles of uncertainty;  multiple issues to be addressed as time moves on;  challenges to co-ordinate the effort;  need to deflect attempts to interfere by other powers with biased interests;  the willingness of the concerned nations to make meaningful contributions to the Summit goals and to prepare  the World for a new Global Structure dismantling the existing troubled order.

           The two leaders have a lot at stake to make the structure of the Summit to work first.

           The rhythm and pace of the Summit (if held on June 12) from the time a possibility surfaced in February/March 2018 have been so swift with a few surprises and apprehensions along the way,  that to make it finally come alive with well organised and structured discussions will be a task that will ever be remembered should the final outcome can make the safety and security of nations better by even an incremental step ahead.

           (a)   It may be essential to constitute a ‘Working Forum’  combining members from the U.S.,  North Korea, and South Korea for follow up actions and collaboration.

          (b)   What is needed is to stimulate the practical and ambitious commitments of DPRK leader for the complete denuclearisation. A clear view of the observations, comments, and opinions held by a large number of nations (mostly negative) of the World be provided/presented to him to bring about an attitudinal change in him.

           (c)   Working Forum to constantly track the commitments made during the Summit. Devise a mechanism to verify the claims of North Korea in abandoning its nuclear program vis-a-vis their commitments and the steps in detail. It needs also to provide answers to all questions that emerged prior to the Summit irrespective of the participating nations within a month or two.

          The above points will help take the Summit to a higher level of success with potential to make it a memorable (historic) event in Politics even while the observers including all the people will describe whether they remain optimistic about the Summit. Are you optimistic?

       “Dieu avec nous”

      Monday,   May 28,  2018 –  11.59 p.m. (IST)

        Tidbit:  ” Complete freezing of North Korea’s nuclear program is what the U.S.  wants”.



” President Donald Trump turns 71 – ‘ Prix special ‘ ” – June 14, 2017.


President Donald Trump made his mark well in creating a Business Empire;   he made his mark well as a Television personality;  and in a hat-trick he repeated a similar feat in Politics by swinging the Republican Party to power –  from the time he threw his gauntlet in the Election fray in June 2015 to the time on November 8, 2016, when he emerged victorious –  in an Election that American history will possibly record as Historic. 


Assuming power on January 20, 2017,  he never looked at the mirror, but only at the heart of his constituency ( even if this is not a decent majority – with only 35-38% approval rating now ),  and began planning programs ostensibly to benefit them, even when open opposition coupled with gossips tried to run him down.  He remains energetic and even defies age. 


But the expected accolades with potential to refresh him did not arrive;  on the contrary cats came out of the bag in more than good measure.  Whether it was his own making or otherwise,  one could not have experienced a more challenging time during the initial days of Presidency than Donald Trump possibly. 


Donald Trump could not gild the pill;  he could not gild the  lily; he could not create an effective ginger group;  and he received criticisms galore from all quarters –  some whole truths and some gas and gaiters. 


His travel ban had gone sour again;  his climate change stand was not received with goodwill by a majority of nations;  his move to install the border wall has not seen any promising or propitious reaction due to cost, time, and effort as at present;  his firing of Sally Yates and James Comey were perceived as missteps in decision-making;  his repeal and replace of Affordable Care Act even while earning support from some, still stands incomplete. 


Will this be his ‘resolve’  now at 71?


” I need to display mellow natures and mellow the hearts of people to bring them to my side;  this will also get my defenses stronger and stronger “. 


My Commonsense belief affirms that in President Donald Trump’s case the opinions he hold strongly seem to hold him in turn strongly.  Analysts and people alike debate whether his strong opinions,  specially on issues like immigration, border wall, climate change,  …   … ,  come from less adequate understanding of the totality of the issues themselves,  or from his own firm conviction as to what he thinks and places to pass will yield real good for the nation in future. Time alone can pass the judgment. 


Most of President Donald Trump’s admirers would be too happy to call him a ‘true leader’,   and be proud to be part of his scheme of actions.  It is the continued spirit and sense in their minds with novel, inspiring programs from the leader,   and widespread growth of similar feelings in the minds of a majority of the population with the combined grace, strength, and wisdom of his advisers that will mark his “Leadership”  in this tumultuous period during his term. 


God’s  guidance is the best Wish.


” Dieu avec nous”

Wednesday,  June 14,  2017       –       11. 01  a.m.   ( IST). 

Tidbit :  ”  On his birthday it will be nice if someone sent him just  51  or  61  flowers instead of  71  for his attribute of making  Age  Jealous “. 

” President Donald Trump casts a Stone across Climatic Waters to cause Ripples” – June 2, 2017.

President Donald Trump issuing the Paris Agreement withdrawal statement.

” All countries are together in protecting our Planet” – said President Barack Obama.

” Paris Climate Agreement is historic; it is a turning point focusing not on red lines but on green lines of Cooperation and Compromise” – said Laurent Fabius, French Foreign Minister & President of the Conference (COP 21).

” A choice for your nation is a choice for the humanity in this world” – said François Hollande, French President.

” Solutions to Climatic Change are on the table now; the end is in sight and we’ll finish the job” – said Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General.

The Paris Climate change Conference (COP 21) lauded in words above by Leaders in December 2015; equated to a game changer in Science (Climate) and Environmental Compromise unseen earlier for more than two decades; online anger and greater awareness of people for the first time playing a major role in Conference achievement; largest group of nations (195) coming face to face with each other for a comprehensive agreement peacefully – all met with the hurdle of non cooperation from a nation most favored to lead the initiatives of combating the Climate change with tech prowess and funds, if not for its heavy contribution to greenhouse gas emissions compelling an ethical responsibility driven by misguided assumptions regarding the accuracy of Science and the commanding inner voice of the Leader (President Donald Trump) in overturning his predecessor’s signature move(s). This seems to make even the disappointing and deficient Copenhagen meet many shades better now.

The birth of the Paris Agreement on December 12, 2015; coming into effect in November 2016 with the leeway for individual nations to ratify their commitment and observance through respective national legislative procedures is poked if not jolted by this Trump Act, and the consequences can be anything but easily comprehensible at this point in time. EU (European Leaders), China, and Russia have expressed confidence in the Agreement standing firm without renegotiation. It’ll take time – months/years to gauge the real implications.

It occurs to me that President Donald Trump by putting oil through this withdrawal move has kept the lamps of his base burning amidst the swirling election promise(s) in mind. In the process he has also taken the risk of America being relegated from the Leadership role that the world has got accustomed to associate with. America’s loss will be China’s gain. China, for all its uncompromising attitude through the years stands on the cusp of adorning the role of Leadership in this environmentally tempestuous season. This, if comes true, will be the HISTORIC Power Shift of the Millennium.

The Cardinal actions proposed in the Paris Climate change Agreement center around : (a) Agreement that Climate change will be limited to a rise of not more than 2°C by the end of the century; (b) Agreement that a $ 100 billion fund/year starting 2020 will be established for the developing nations to take necessary steps of control; (c) Agreement that a plan to review each nation’s pledge to limit the greenhouse gas emissions every five years will be put in place.

From an academic and research perspective two aspects will likely be impacted in ‘different’ directions.
Figure below depicts the above two routes clearly :

1. Advancing the fossil fuels in a “clean and sustainable” manner without totally eliminating the use; 2. Finding new energy development, storage, and use technologies to give more power to power the growth engines of the nations.

Many institutions and organizations are engaged in (1) above and what is needed is more government, public, and private engagement to take that to a higher level.

It is significant to note here that nearly 25 organizations (CEOs) have written to President Donald Trump to stay with the Paris Agreement even while resolving their independent commitment to do their best to help counter the impact of Climate Change.

As for (2) above : more powerful batteries, chargers, home units, rooftop solar systems offering extra lifespan, Alternatively Fueled Vehicles (AFVs), smart gas meters … … … are some of the works already in progress with potential to drive research, manufacturing, and installations the world over. Increasing the effectiveness of operations, faster charging, reducing the cell cost, better anode alternatives in batteries, scaling up for mass production, use of nanotechnology particles for power generation.. are some challenging areas where human ingenuity is already digging deeply. A new group of ‘energy angels’ will emerge to get a stranglehold in this sector. It will not be out of place to attest a scenario where giants like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Tesla, and many others of their ilk will view to set up Power Companies independently or with joint participation. Also hardware, software, apps, data sciences, airborne services, robots, next generation satellites, in the growing tech sector will boost the connected devices platform enabling and enhancing the delivery of Clean Power around the Globe. Job growth in these will increase multiple times for sure.

In the light of above withdrawing from the Paris Agreement may seem unwarranted. President Donald Trump and his team can direct their energies to bring about a transformation in Education in schools, colleges, universities and other institutions to ensure that every individual can learn the skills in the growing tech sector. This promises to open up new vistas of opportunities with unprecedented growth potential bringing about a new revolution. With Climate change becoming every individual’s “movement” and not just the preserve of environmentalists, activists, planners, government, or other institutions –
cooperation among nations to come together for a common cause is the order of the day.

Herein lies the strength and leadership of America.

“Dieu avec nous”

Friday, June 2, 2017 – 10. 59 p.m. (IST)

Tidbit : ” I can do things you cannot; You can do things I cannot; We can together do great things.”